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About Us.

We are passionate makers who want to improve not just what we make, but also how we make.
Knowledge workers rely heavily on process, and these processes are rapidly changing as they are augmented with emerging technologies. We believe it will be increasingly difficult to justify the expense of individual man-hours in the face of automation, and professional service workers will need to be able to easily access and repurpose existing solutions to be competitive.
Comake was founded to empower individuals in the age of artificial intelligence and automation. The work we do is focused on positively influencing discussions around sharing and building over existing intellectual property. Our team has worked on this problem in professional and research environments for several years at leading institutions.

Proudly backed by:

National Science Foundation
by United States Government
Dorm Room Fund
by First Round Capital
Rough Draft Ventures
by General Catalyst
eLab 2017
by Cornell University
Life Changing Labs
by Cornell University