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Comake is your
new hub for files & communication.

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Full interoperability across your cloud accounts.

A cross-platform file browser.
Centralize your content without compromising functionality. Any changes in Comake are immediately synced and vice-versa.
A full-fledged email client.
Combine all your communication across accounts in an easy to use email client. Easily add content from any cloud service.
Chat over anything. Emails, files, and tasks.
Comake comes with chat built-in so that you can easily communicate with your team contextually.
Interconnected information.
Comake works behind the scences to connect the information across your different accounts and ecosystems.

Keep all relevant messages around each file.

See all your messages contextually.
Easily understand the reasoning and thinking by having conversations and work inter-related.
Respond to each message directly.
Respond to messages from your inbox or while reviewing and commenting on the work.
Click and drag related files to share.
Easily reference and share any related file in your conversations.

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