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Don’t be limited by lost knowledge or fragmented organization.

Spend more time creating, innovating, and focusing on what you love.

Your attention is precious.

Focus it with Comake's artificial intelligence.

Comake will automatically map the relationships between your files and communication as you work.
A knowledge worker's week:
28% Reading & answering Email11.2 hrs/week
19% Searching & gathering information7.6 hrs/week
14% Communicating & collaborating internally5.6 hrs/week
39% Role-specific tasks15.6 hrs/week
The fast pace of collaborative digital work makes it difficult to maintain effective and scalable information structures.

The answers to most questions don’t exist in one place. They exist in pieces scattered across tools.

Comake uses patent-pending technology, to consolidate the relevant pieces and to provide context around what you work on, as you work on it.

The best teams know how to avoid information overload.

Data should help us make better decisions, not weigh us down.
The average year-over-year growth of corporate data.2
The percentage of all data that will live in or pass through the cloud by 2020.3