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Comake connects your files into a productive network as you access & share them, and communicate & collaborate around them.

as you work.

Turn your file browser into a network

We all know networks are good. Take Amazon, Google, and LinkedIn for example. Now, why do you still work with a directory on your desktop?

Instead of constantly searching things by name and scrolling through folder hierarchies, access information by looking at a network of interactions between users.

Improve Information Access and Discovery

Employees spend 1.8 hours every day - 9.8 hours per week (on average) searching and gathering information. That’s like saying one out of every five co-workers doesn’t actually produce anything.

Connect every file and message sent through your office on Comake so that they can always be found. Comake creates an interaction based history of every file as you work, leaving endless ways for it to be found and accessed.